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Feeling drowsy, gloomy, sore, or just not ready to take on the week is normal but can put you behind in your work or personal life. Luminary MD in Irvine, California, offers a variety of IV therapy solutions loaded with vitamins to get you back to being productive during life’s inconvenient setbacks. Robert Milanes, MD, helps you determine which type of IV therapy can benefit you the most during your consultation. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of IV therapy, call or schedule an appointment online at Luminary MD today.

IV Therapy

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What types of IV therapy are available?

Luminary MD offers several types of IV therapy. Dr. Milanes selects which formula best alleviates your symptoms. The most popular IV therapies are:

Myers Cocktail

Based on Dr John Myers’ intravenous classic, this is the infusion that started it all. Delivering vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, this cocktail is effective against a broad range of chronic and inflammatory symptoms and has helped thousands of patients over many decades. Myers Cocktail provides high doses of Vitamin B and C that support the immune system, cardiovascular system, and metabolism. Add a glutathione IV push at the end of this infusion to give your body an extra antioxidant kick!

Glutathione IV Drip

Glutathione is a powerful intracellular enzyme and antioxidant that clears the body of destructive compounds and toxins. It neutralizes destructive reactive oxygen species or free radicals in the body. It has a vital role in multiple metabolic and biochemical pathways, in DNA synthesis and repair, and supports protein and enzyme synthesis and activation. No wonder it’s known as the “Mother of all antioxidants”! Add Glutathione to the end of any of our drips.

Healthy Immunity Drip

Our Healthy Immunity drip provides high doses of intravenous vitamins and micronutrients aiding the immune system. This infusion contains a shot of Zinc and Lysine both of which have been shown to help the body fight off viral infections. This immune-boosting blend also aids blood flow to support normal wound healing and skin. Use our Healthy Immunity drip just before, during, or after a cold or flu.

Healthy Hangover Drip

The days of the hangover are well… over! Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, and weakness associated with partying the night before are all gone! This amazing drip will have you feeling energized, hydrated, and back to normal in no time. Used in emergency departments all across the country this blend of vitamins and magnesium can be used whenever you want to quench and hydrate your cells.

Healthy Athlete Drip

Serious athletes, body builders, and gym rats can use the Healthy Athlete drip pre or post workout to take their muscle building to the max. This complex blend provides electrolytes, high quality amino acids, and three different lipotropic compounds to help build muscle and metabolize fat. Strength trainers and pro athletes can use this drip to achieve peak performance and help maintain gains. Use this hydrating infusion before long distance running or other professional events and unlock your body’s true potential. Will not interfere with professional or amateur organization laws or guidelines.

Healthy Clarity Drip

This complex infusion is meant to support and enhance brain and cognitive function. If you have trouble with memory, concentrating, multitasking, or even sleeping this drip is for you. Contains a high quality mix of nootropic compounds that cross the blood-brain barrier to give you a mental boost that lasts. Use regularly for optimal effects and feel the difference. Add a glutathione IV push at the end of this infusion to give your body an antioxidant kick!

Healthy PreOp Drip

Are you preparing for elective or aesthetic surgery? If yes, then the Healthy PreOp Drip is for you. Use it 12-48 hours pre- or post op for maximum effect. This drip contains essential amino acids, trace elements, and high dose Vitamin C to help with wound healing, replenish your cells, and hydrate your body.

Healthy Beauty Drip

The Healthy Beauty Drip is to be used on a regular basis and is meant for those seeking beautiful, hydrated, and glowing skin. If you’re on a beauty regimen such as Botox, Hyaluronic acid injections, chemical peels, facial laser resurfacing treatment, or if you just want your skin to look its best and brightest this drip is for you. Containing Vitamins B, C, and Biotin this beauty drip will thicken hair and nails, clear skin rashes, and help reduce inflammation. Add a glutathione IV push at the end of this infusion to help detoxify your body and beautify yourself even more!

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What is IV therapy?

IV therapy is a method of getting the nutrients you need the most into your body quickly. During IV therapy, Dr. Milanes connects an IV bag full of vitamins and nutrients to your arm.

There are several types of IV therapies, each with a particular set of symptoms it can best remedy.

What are the benefits of IV therapy?

IV therapy has a surprisingly long list of potential benefits. The effectiveness may vary from person to person, but you’re likely to get some benefit from the high concentration of vitamins being administered all at once.

Benefits of IV therapy include:

  • Pain relief
  • Headache relief
  • Mood improvement
  • Insomnia relief
  • Energy boost
  • Glowing skin

After an IV therapy appointment, you’ll likely feel energized and ready to take on the day. The effects you notice typically last for 2-4 days, but the vitamins stay in your system for several weeks. 

Whether you need a boost in energy, immunity, or motivation, Luminary MD has an IV drip to pick you up.

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