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Even in this day of one-stop urgent care, it’s still important to see a provider who knows you and is familiar with your medical history. At Luminary MD, Robert Milanes, MD, offers primary care to patients throughout the Orange County area in Irvine, California, for health maintenance, disease prevention, and treatment of acute chronic illnesses. Dr. Milanes and his team at Luminary MD are proud to become active partners in their patients’ healthcare. If you’re looking to schedule your next primary care appointment, call the office today or request your visit online.

Primary Care Q & A

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What is primary care?

Primary care is health care provided by a medical professional who sees you routinely regarding your overall health. Different than a specialist who may focus only on your heart or your kidneys, your provider is a generalist who may treat your diabetes, prescribe your blood pressure medication, give you an annual physical exam, and disease prevention.

Your provider will also refer you to a specialist if they feel conditions, such as your diabetes or kidney disorder, need some fine tuning. Physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who you see regularly for your general medical care are all considered primary care providers.

What are the benefits of primary care?

One goal of your provider is to become familiar with the intricacies of your health and wellbeing. When you come as a new patient with a preexisting condition, your provider will evaluate your previous history carefully.

For instance, he may want to check some labs to clarify how well your blood sugar is managed if you’re a diabetic, or whether your cholesterol level is responding to the medication you started a few months ago. This prevents your health care from “slipping through the cracks” and helps spot early warning signs that your medical conditions might be worsening or you may be developing new issues.

Once you’re an established patient, your provider acts as your healthcare manager or supervisor. Your provider will expect to see you routinely for physical exams and rechecks regarding known conditions. If you need further care by a specialist, he’ll sort out what kind of specialist you need and help facilitate those visits.

When should I see my primary care provider?

Beyond regularly scheduled follow-up care for known medical conditions or annual exams, patients should think of seeing their provider before going to an urgent care clinic or the emergency department, unless the illness is causing severe symptoms, or you have concerns that your life is at risk.

Luminary MD encourages you to contact your provider to schedule your primary care visit — sometimes called a sick visit — when you have symptoms such as:

  • A cough that won’t go away
  • A persistent or high fever
  • Pain in an uninjured part of the body
  • Blood in the urine
  • Difficulty breathing caused by congestion

If you’re experiencing any illness symptoms, call Luminary MD in Irvine, California or request a visit online to schedule your primary care appointment.

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