Advantages of Robotic Hair Restoration. Artas iX Hair Transplant in Orange County

For those considering a hair transplant, there are several options to choose from. Traditional “strip” methods involve removing a strip of skin from the scalp and then surgically implanting the extracted follicles into the recipient area. This technique is often invasive, and painful and can lead to extensive scarring. Alternatively, Robotic Hair Restoration provides a minimally invasive solution with faster healing time and precision-based results. For those looking to restore their hairline with minimal irritation, Robotic Hair Restoration may be the ideal solution.

Male pattern baldness is a common problem that affects many men. It is often caused by a combination of genetics and hormones and can cause significant emotional distress for those who suffer from it. Traditional methods of hair transplantation either use the strip method (FUT) or FUE by hand. With the advances of technology we can now use a robot powered by Artificial intelligence. Robotic hair transplant techniques are the latest solution to this issue, offering patients minimally invasive methods for restoring their hair with accurate precision and reduced healing time. Great News for those who live in Orange County and surrounding areas! Our skilled team at Luminary MD in Mission Viejo, CA now offers Robotic Hair Restoration and are the first to offer the latest and most sophisticated device, the Artas iX.

Robotic Hair Transplantation using the Artas iX now available in Orange County!

1. Reduced Healing Time:

Robotic Hair Restoration eliminates the need for a long and invasive “strip” procedure, resulting in significantly reduced healing time. Patients can expect minimal scarring and discomfort, with little to no downtime after the procedure is completed. This is due to robotic-assisted technology, which precisely maps a patient’s scalp and determines exactly where hairs should be transplanted. This method of hair restoration is much less invasive than traditional methods, significantly reducing recovery time while producing superior results.

2. Precision-Based Results:

This hair restoration technique can create incredibly accurate and predictable results, thanks to its robotic-assisted technology. The accuracy of the robot's movements ensure that hair follicles are extracted with extreme precision, leading to better aesthetic outcomes for patients. When choosing a hair restoration provider, it is important to select a clinic that offers robotic hair restoration services, like Luminary MD. Luminary MD is a leading provider of state-of-the-art robotic technologies and their highly trained medical staff can provide the best possible results for patients seeking hair restoration solutions.

3. Minimized Hair Loss:

By utilizing a minimally invasive technique, Robotic Hair Restoration helps reduce the potential for follicular trauma during the procedure. This can help minimize hair loss in the donor area, as well as improve the overall outcome of the transplant. Additionally, this technique allows Dr. Milanes, MD to extract a greater number of healthy hair follicles with fewer incisions and more efficiency.

Overall, Robotic Hair Restoration has numerous advantages over traditional strip methods, offering patients a safe, effective, and minimally invasive solution to hair loss. From faster healing times to precision-based results, this technology can provide the natural-looking outcomes that many people are hoping for. If you are considering hair restoration surgery, Dr. Milanes, MD and the team of Luminary MD can provide you with a safe, effective, and minimally invasive Robotic Hair Restoration solution. Schedule an appointment today to find out if this technique is right for you!


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