Though it can be an embarrassing topic of conversation, a lot of individuals in Mission Viejo, CA experience Erectile Dysfunction. However, there is help.

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Shockwave Therapy in Mission Viejo, CA


Though it can be an embarrassing topic of conversation, a lot of individuals in Mission Viejo, CA experience sexual health problems. However, there is help. Penile shockwave treatment with the Duo™ by Alma is a life-changing procedure that elevates men's sexual health. The Duo is a simple solution that utilizes gentle energy to enhance the flow of blood to the penis through an approach referred to as low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy (LI-ESWT). This technique is an excellent alternative for other common solutions that require operations, medications, or expensive pumps. To boost the intensity of your erections, experience more sensations, and achieve more freedom in the bedroom, think about penile shockwave therapy at Luminary MD. Dr. Robert Milanes strives to help you refreshen your sexual health.


Ideal candidates for shockwave therapy at Luminary MD include men of all ages who may be experiencing issues including:

  • Problems achieving and maintaining an erection
  • Erections that never achieve fullness or are lackluster
  • Erection issues due to age or health problems

This effective nonsurgical treatment can help improve blood flow for erections that are easier to achieve, firmer, and last longer.

Why the Alma Duo?

The Alma DUO is the best in class for shockwave therapy in the treatment for ED it not only the results but in the treatments itself. Since the Alma DUO is pain free, patients do not require any topical numbing prior to receiving the treatment. Treatments are fast and easy and only take 15-20 minutes.

Another important aspect is the depth of penetration. When comparing the Alma DUO to other shockwave devices, the depth of penetration is at-least 4 times deeper. What does this mean? That we are going to hit all the tissues necessary to improve blood flow.

Comparison of the ALMA DUO vs the Other Guys


How is the Duo used?

Penile shockwave therapy using the Alma Duo is a comfortable procedure and only takes about 20 minutes to perform. The specialized Duo hand-piece will be maneuvered over the treatment area to elevate blood circulation without using surgical methods. Most patients report minimal to no discomfort, which makes this procedure a good "lunch hour" service.

How the Alma Duo is Used.
ALma Duo Treatment Zones

What is healing like following a procedure utilizing the Duo?

Seeing that the Duo by Alma does not require surgery, medications, or anesthesia, people can continue their everyday routine following their procedure. There is virtually no recovery period, making this penile treatment a convenient option for patients having troubles with erectile dysfunction.

How does the Alma Duo Work?

Alma Duo Mechanism

How long will my outcomes last?

The results created by the Duo device are long-term. Countless men say their outcomes last for up to one year. In many cases, we advise a set of six sessions throughout one month to achieve great results. Dr. Milanes usually sets up treatments twice weekly for two weeks back-to-back.


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