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PRP that is converted into PRFM can be used to treat hair loss or baldness.


Hair Loss Injections in Mission Viejo, CA


PRP that is converted into PRFM can be used to treat hair loss or baldness.

After your blood is drawn and the PRP is extracted from it and then converted into PRFM (platelet rich fibrin matrix), your provider injects it into the areas of your scalp that lack hair. The PRFM restores blood flow to your follicles, encouraging them to supply your hair with nutrients and promote its growth. PRFM is a more stable version of PRP as it takes approximately 7 days to dissolve versus PRP that takes 24 hours to dissolve.

PRFM works best for hair loss when combined with other hair restoration treatments such as topical medications. All of which can be prescribed by Dr. Milanes, MD.


PRFM injections for hair loss at Luminary MD can help both men and women achieve the thicker, fuller hair they want with a number of great benefits, including:

  • Using your body's own natural healing and repair powers
  • Addressing the root causes of hair loss
  • Creating results that look natural
  • Offering customized treatments for your specific needs
  • No long recovery period
  • No surgery or medications
  • No scarring
Before and After Female Hair injections with PRP/PRFM
PRP / PRFM Injections Before & After 3 Sessions

How Many Treatments do I need for PRP Injections?

It is recommend that a patient receiving PRP injections come once a month for 3 months. After your course is completed we reevaluate your hair growth and decide our next steps. PRP works much better when combined with a nutritious diet and other topical medications.

How do we get PRP and turn it into PRFM?

The first step in obtaining PRP is to draw your blood into a test tube. We then place this tube with your whole blood in a centrifuge to spin it. This process separates your red blood cells, white blood cells from the platelet rich plasma. While the sample is spinning, we then place topical numbing medications on you and continue to numb your entire scalp with a series of injections called a scalp block.

After the PRP is obtained, we then add Calcium Chloride to convert the PRP into PRFM. The benefits of PRFM is that it acts as a scaffold to maintain the platelets at the site of injection (wont diffuse elsewhere) and stabilizes it to last for an entire week leading to better results.


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